About Organization

who we are ?


NESOG was established in Nov 14, 1989 with commitment of highly motivated team of Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Prof. D. S. Malla, Prof. S. M. Dali, Dr. Bhola Rijal, Dr. Annapurna Shrestha, Dr. June Thapa, Dr. Mahodadhi Shrestha, Dr. Swaraj Rajbhandari and all the well-wishers of NESOG from abroad including Prof. H. Soma from Japan, late Prof. S. S. Ratnam from Singapore

Presently NESOG is working with government, NGOs and INGOs to uplift the status of reproductive health of Nepalese women as an independent, non-profit oriented professional organization, consisting of 16 executive members in a total of 700+ members besides 9 honorary members.